LITTLE BEE by Chris Cleave, Tantor Media.[Literary Fiction]

"Artfully told and lyrically performed, this audiobook resonates."

Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2009
LIE BY MOONLIGHT by Amanda Quick, Brilliance Publishing.[Historical Romance]

"Anne Flosnik's lyrical British accent is polished and professional. She provides a distinctive voice for the various characters,  establishing both their social class and gender. Her crisp diction enhances a superb listening experience."

AudioFile 2005, Portland, Maine [Published: OCT/NOV 2005]
LYON'S GATE by Catherine Coulter, Brilliance Publishing. [Historical Romance]

"Anne Flosnik's narration is superb, as are her characterizations of major and minor British characters, which are so good they give the sense of multiple narrators. Her depiction of the kindly but pompous butler, with an imperious tone and upper-crust accent, makes him a memorable character."

AudioFile 2006, Portland, Maine [Published: FEB/ MAR 2006]
NOMAN : Noble Warriors, Book 3 by William Nicholson, Brilliance Publishing. [YoungAdult]

"Narrator Anne Flosnik's gentle British accent works well with this material. As she delivers the unique characters, her performance ability shines through with every word. Listeners will be enchanted by the confident tones of Seeker, entertained by the gritty voice of Wildman. Each character is as well crafted as the last, and the result is a memorable, otherworldly adventure."

AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2008]

WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte, Tantor Media.[Literary Fiction]

"Emily Brontë's sorrowful story of doomed romance between two childhood friends finds its voice in Anne Flosnik’s narration. The diverse range of characters in this classic could present a difficult challenge for a sole  narrator, but Flosnik conquers it with alacrity and enthusiasm. She masterfully alters her voice for each character and maintains keen attention to the varied British accents. Without being overly dramatic, Flosnik inserts passion into the dialogue and vividly conveys Brontë’s imagery. She captures the cruel infatuation of Heathcliff and the dramatic ranting of his beloved Catherine. Alternately, Flosnik delivers the humble narration of maidservant Nellie in kind, measured tones. Overall, Flosnik draws listeners into the story interweaving passionate lamentation with articulate narration."

AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: NOVEMBER 2008]
THE TURN OF THE SCREW by Henry James, Tantor Media.[Literary Fiction]

"Anne Flosnik's soft voice leads listeners into a novel of Victorian England  that is unlike those of contemporary literature. The obtuse language and structure might leave contemporary readers bewildered. Highly developed   characters appear with Henry James's signature style, which provides illuminating social commentary on politics, class, and status. Flosnik assumes the upper- and lower-class accents of nineteenth-century England, delivering the different voices with the rendition of a theatrical  performance—even crying a little now and then. The plot — seemingly inconsequential—appears slowly from a fog of ideas. The adept narrator exploits the beauty of language from a complex thinker who elaborates his characters using interior monologues and points of view. Readers, beware—this is not an easy listen." 

AudioFile 2009, Portland, Maine [Published: MARCH 2009]
by Maggie O'Farrell, Blackstone Publishing. [Literary Fiction]

"Anne Flosnik does an excellent job with a story that shifts time periods and is told in a range of voices. She reads in a clear Scottish accent, shading character with subtle changes in pacing and modulation rather than creating a range of voices. Her flow of words creates a powerful story-current that pulls the listener along inexorably. Once begun, it's hard to turn this book off."

Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © 
AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: FEB/ MAR 2008]
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* * * Library Journal Starred Audio Review * * *

"In a poignant performance, Audie Award nominee Anne Flosnik (At Last Comes Love) portrays the carefully enunciated Queen’s English Little Bee learns from watching TV and from listening to Sarah’s upper-crust diction and her two-year old son’s kidspeak. A grueling tale burnished with humor and love and comparable to Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, this title will give book club members plenty to mull over."
BEAUTIFUL ASSASSIN by Michael White, Tantor Media.[Historical Espionage Thriller]

"This engrossing story opens and closes with the voice of a sophisticated British journalist—as portrayed by Anne Flosnik. But Flosnik’s remarkable adroitness with accents soon causes the listener to forget any character other than Tat’yana Levchenko, a stalwart Soviet recruited to join Eleanor Roosevelt on a promotional tour of America—and coerced into pressing the first lady for confidential information. The subtleties of Tat’yana’s voice are extremely convincing as she grieves for her lost little daughter, as she falls in love with an American translator, and as she tells her story to the canny journalist many years later. The Roosevelts’ upper-crust tones are also believable. Tat’yana’s story is haunting, and Flosnik delivers."

AudioFile 2010, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2010]
KUSHIEL'S AVATAR by Jacqueline Carey, Tantor Media.[Medieval High Fantasy]

"In Carey’s own version of a Renaissance world, the inhabitants are the descendants of angels. Ten years after the second installment in the trilogy KUSHIEL’S CHOSEN, Phedre seeks to release her friend Hyacinthe from a curse. In exchange for the knowledge to free her friend, she agrees to find the queen’s kidnapped son. This quest takes Phedre on an adventure through a most fascinating fantasy world. The grace of Anne Flosnik's English-accented narration pairs well with the author's prose, and the combination is lyrical. Flosnik's smooth, silky vocals are calming. Her careful enunciation of each syllable of the story-specific vocabulary and her minute pauses between word pairs are perfectly timed. As Flosnik beautifully conveys the elegance of this fantasy world, her sensual delivery is captivating."

AudioFile 2010, Portland, Maine [Published: JANUARY 2010]
Praise from the author Chris Cleave via Twitter:

"@chriscleave@anneflosnik You gave such an extraordinary performance in Little Bee - I get hundreds of people saying how much they loved your version!"
Praise from the author Elizabeth J. Duncan:

"I can't believe how you lift those characters off the page and bring them to life. Is it magic? No, it's talent! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and for treating my work in such an inspiring way."

@ElizabethDuncan: "@AnneFlosnik @DreamscapeAudio You do a brilliant job with the difficult Welsh accent! Not too much, not too little, just right!"
by Elizabeth J. Duncan, Dreamscape Media. [Contemporary Cozy Mystery]

"Anne Flosnik uses a gentle, soothing voice to make listeners feel at home. She performs the audiobook with proficiency and is effective in her use of regional accents, whether Canadian, Welsh, or New Zealand."

V.M.G. © AudioFile 2020, Portland, Maine [Published: NOVEMBER 2020]
THE FORGOTTEN SEAMSTRESS by Liz Trenow, Tantor Media.[Historical Fiction]

* * * Library Journal Starred Audio Review * * * 

"Like the exquisite quilt central to the story, two women’s lives are woven together in this beautifully written and narrated story that takes listeners away to England... Hauntingly beautiful, this story will stay with readers long after master narrator Anne Flosnik finishes this not-to-be-missed audiobook."

© PWxyz, LLC. [Published: September 2014]
_____________________________________________________________________________[ Hoi
A GOOD RAKE IS HARD TO FIND by Manda Collins, Tantor Media.[Historical Romance]

Stellar review from AudioFile:

"Narrator Anne Flosnik is a winner of multiple AUDIOFILE Earphones Awards because of her tremendous acting skills and vocal talents. All of them are on display in this first in the Lords of Anarchy series... Flosnik is incomparable in her ability to portray men and women from all strata of British society. She makes the men sound aloof, elitist, and oh so properly British and the women sound feminine, mysterious, and proper, even while they're being oh so improper. Flosnik's slight touches of wry humor to her portrayal of Lord Lisle as he tries to exercise patience in his wooing of the determined and stubborn Leonora is especially entertaining."

A.C.P. © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2015]
JOAN OF ARC: A HISTORY by Helen Castor, Tantor Media.[Historical Non - Fiction]

"Anne Flosnik's graceful, dignified voice is perfectly appropriate for Joan the Maid. Flosnik's French accent is flawless, and she rolls through place names without hesitation. Helen Castor's history of Joan places her in the political context and violent conflicts of her time. It's complicated and can be confusing, but the best approach is just to listen and soak up the environment. Joan famously answered the call of God to lead a French army in waging war against the English while wearing a man's clothing. Her life may have been short, but martyrdom and canonization made her into what Castor calls a "massive star." Castor includes lengthy transcripts from Joan's trial, and Flosnik employs a slightly lower and quieter tone for Joan's testimony in her own defense. A fine performance."

A.B. © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine
GRAYSON SHERBROOKE'S OTHERWORLDLY ADVENTURES COLLECTION Books 1-3 by Catherine Coulter, Brilliance Publishing. [Paranormal Gothic Historical Romance Mystery]

"Anne Flosnik's textured narration of Coulter's short gothic tales plays up their weird elements. Flosnik uses a deep, breathy masculine voice for protagonist Grayson Sherbrooke, writer of paranormal tales in the 1840s. Sherbrooke solves three supernatural mysteries involving ghosts, demons, and mummies. Flosnik's voice seems made for this eerie British spectacle. She delineates accents, including Scottish, upper- and working-class British, and Egyptian, as well as the young voices of Sherbrooke's son and two other children. The novella format and Flosnik's brisk pace make for action-packed stories that require a little attention to detail, especially as Sherbrooke is a returning character from Coulter's beloved series. For lovers of gothic shivers or Coulter's historicals." 

C.A. © AudioFile 2020, Portland, Maine [Published: MAY 2020]
Anne Flosnik
by Elizabeth J. Duncan, Dreamscape Media. [Contemporary Cozy Mystery]

"Stellar" Publishers Weekly Review:

"Narrator Flosnik turns in a stellar performance, capturing the novel’s atmosphere and its characters. The voices she creates are distinct, appropriately accented, and embody the quirks and nuance of each character, while her narration is well paced and demands listener attention."

© PWxyz, LLC. Published: January 2014

THE LOST QUEEN: The Life & Tragedy of the Prince Regent's Daughter by Anne M. Scott, Tantor Media. [Historical Non- Fiction]

"Narrator Anne Flosnik delivers an appealing portrait of Princess Charlotte of Wales... Flosnik delivers these letters with intuitive skill, revealing a child who dearly wanted her parents' attention. Employing various accents--Northern England, Irish, and the King's English--Flosnik helps listeners understand the conflict over Charlotte that raged between her parents".

V.M.G. © AudioFile 2021, Portland, Maine [Published: MAY 2021]